Types Of Migraine Headaches

There are actually dozens of different types of migraine headaches that people can suffer from – but many of them are rare and unheard of. The most common types to look for and that you are probably suffering from are migraine tension, cluster, and sinus migraine headaches. Also some of the migraines are said to have an aura.

Migraine Tension Headaches

Migraine tension headaches are the most common type that will inflict itself upon people. These types of migraines can last anywhere from a 30 minutes to a whole week. It is usually felt all around the head that almost feels that it is squeezing it. The pain – which can manifest as a throbbing feeling – can be mild to severe and will usually be aggravated when a person is doing everyday activities.

Cluster Migraine Headaches

While not the most common – cluster migraine headaches – are the most painful. They are often described as a painful and almost burning type of pain. People between the ages of 20 to 40 will often experience them though it is more often found in men than women.

Cluster migraines can last between 15 to 180 minutes and can affect someone on a daily basis. The pain is severe and is usually isolated to one side of the head near the eyes or temple. During this migraine the person might feel swelling of the eyelids, forehead, nasal congestion, and runny nose.

Migraine Sinus Headaches

Some people will experience migraines when their trigeminal nerve is inflamed. This nerve runs through the face, above the eyes, and along the sinuses and lower jaw. When it is inflamed the pain is often felt near the sinuses and behind the nose. Anyone who thinks they have a migraine sinus headache should talk to their doctor.

Aura Migraine Headaches

Aura migraine headaches are some of the scariest that people can experience. During these migraines a person will experience an aura – also known as a neurological phenomenon – that can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. This aura is an indication of the pain that is to come.

Many of the auras that people will see are zigzag lines, wavy images, hallucinations, or castles that will be in or around their line of vision. Other people might experience vision loss for a small period of time, dizziness, vertigo, the tingling of the extremities, and motor weakness.